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Transition From The Military Equals Anxiety

Transition From The Military Equals Anxiety

The transition process has started for me.

Outprocessing the military over the next few days. On top of that, I have a million things on my "TO DO" list or at least it seems.  Find a place to live, figure out how the hell to stay in Belgium legally, adapt to the loss of my benefits the military gave me, etc. etc. 

All this plays through my mind creating a bit of anxiety. 

"Everything will work out", I tell myself over, and over again.  Always solve for X and reverse engineer the issue.  Dont wait until last minute. 

Act instead of React. 

Time management is key.  Journaling, meditation, and reading are all new things to help calm the anxiety and give a short break to the lizard part of the brain.  Everything works out, I tell myself.  Step by Step.  Act instead of React.  Solve for X.



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