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Time To Increase Your Proficiency & Skills

Time To Increase Your Proficiency & Skills

I believe one thing that tends to go missing from discussions of passion is proficiency or skill.  You can be hugely, deeply, unwaveringly committed or passionate about something, but if you're not good at it (and can't get good at it, either due to lack of native ability or an unwillingness to put in the work required to attain master, or both)...........you won't be able to create anything viable.  Thoughts?

So what am I doing to increase my proficiency in beer, wine, and spirits?  Along with filming and learning from brewers, winemakers, and distillers from all over the worlde, I have enrolled in on-line courses at UC Davis for winemaking and I am currently starting classes in a few months at UC San Diego Extension in their Brewing certification program.  I finished up my WSET level 2 in wine and spirits and reading books about beer, wine, and spirits all the time.

I absolutely love learning and getting my hands on during the process and I hope im bringing real value into how beer, wine, and spirits are made around the world.



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