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The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

I love showing Social Media the best parts of my journey.

The distilleries, breweries, wineries that have said YES are taking a chance on me.  But for every YES,  there are 25 NOPES, Hell NO, and "what is this guy thinking??"  Some say thanks, others explain that I should take a tour,  or "appreciate the email but now is not a good time." Sometimes there are no reasons why, no call back, nothing.   

Am I discouraged, frustrated? 

Sometimes. But I have to ask myself when my brain starts to give me the "poor me" feeling is, "Who the F&*K am I?"  No, really.  I'm an amateur,  I'm starting at the bottom, no experience, trying to make a name for myself, that's who I am right now.  Such is reality and I don't blame companies for their actions and I would honestly do the same if in their shoes.  What I have learned in the process so far is that odds will move in your favor the more time you put into doing your homework on organizations and calling 25 companies as opposed to only 5. 

Once you get one yes, provide them value. 

Time is the most valuable thing in my opinion, so don't waste someone's time who takes a chance on you only to provide half-assed value to them.  If you can prove value, 1 yes turns into 2, so on and so on.  But for now, I will continue calling, emailing and doing my research on amazing breweries, wineries, distilleries around the globe waiting for that YES.



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