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Part 4: What Have I learned Over The Past Two Years

Part 4: What Have I learned Over The Past Two Years

I reflected on the last two years of starting from an idea and doing something I love, to making it a reality and getting paid for what I am doing finally.

I came up with the 6 P's while I was on my journey. The first P is finding your:

PASSION -  Try a lot of things, find what you love doing, can't wait to wake up and do it again even after months and months of doing it and dealing with constant rejection.   decide to switch it being your:

PURPOSE - Go all in.  If it's a hobby it will be a hobby.  Be prepared to take years to get what your doing out to the rest of the world. Create value, create a unique voice.  Create content that is interesting, and always strive to improve daily.  Save a lot of money.  You will go through it quicker  then you think and its the quickest way to slow and stop progress.  Next is:

PROFICIENCY - Start learning and master your purpose. Don't put pressure and compare yourself to others.  Find mentors, find how you learn best, and always strive to learn in any capacity.  Next is:

PAIN - In life we go through this.  Your journey will be the same.  You need to learn how to suffer.  You become more self aware and what your breaking points are.  Use them to your advantage and creat a positie voice that is bigger then the negative voice and never give up.  

PARTNERSHIPS - I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the amazing team that I found.  Surround yourself with people that are reliable and believe in you and what you are doing.  Lastly is:

PATIENCE -  Two years and finally I am leaving my "island"  where people are starting to recognize what I am doing.Work extremely hard, Keep fighting, bring value, improve daily and eventually the right people will see what you are doing.  You're one move away.




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