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My Tradition

My Tradition

The word history of “tradition” comes from the Latin tradare: "deliver, hand over." 

14c. old French (since I am currently studying french), tradicion is similar in its meaning "delivery," or "a handing down." It basically refers to the transmission of experience which lies at the base of every established civilization.

Traditions help form the structure and foundation of the society we live in, as well as for our families.

Traditions remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past. They contribute a sense of belonging, shape who we are today and offer excellent context for meaningful pause and reflection.

My thoughts on tradition and the root meaning of the word is the very reason why I wanted to start my own tradition while on this journey.

The transmission of experience, what does that mean? I take a brewery, winery, or distillery's product (a product that an organization puts their very heart and soul into making) and pass that to the next brewery, winery, or distillery, I visit. For me it accomplishes a few things.

#1: I give a sh*t and am extremely thankful that the master distiller, brewer, or owner of that winery said yes and gave up their time to teach me.

So, to pass off a token of my appreciation to them for taking time to educate me, show me their life’s work, and taste their products is one reason. The second is showing appreciation to the previous distillery, winery, and brewery. The world is a big place.

If I can take a product from one part of the world to another, that may not even be distributed there or ever heard of and give it to another winery, brewery, distillery……. it just makes sense to me. I feel that there are some amazing spirits, wine, beer being made around the world that nobody knows about.

#2: If I can help in a collaboration, or sharing amazing products to the rest of the world, especially those doing the same craft around the world, I should and will.

My suitcase can hold 14 spirits and wine bottles, or 24 bottled beers 28 if you beer in cans and have yet to break any bottle. It would be more, but I still need room for my Vans shoes and trucker hats.

#3: I am sharing what I am experiencing.

I don't want to be the guy lecturing about beer, wine and spirts. "Hey, I tried this amazing beer, whiskey, gin etc." is a douchebag approach compared to: "Hey here is this amazing beer, whiskey, gin etc. Want to try it?"

In my opinion, small traditions like this create happy and lasting memories with people, which is my ultimate goal as the journey continues.

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