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My Passion, My Purpose

My Passion, My Purpose

I am truly doing what I am passionate about.  But finding my passion did'nt happen overnight. I have tried so many different things over the course of my life that I was able to put a short list together of things I loved and wanted to do.  When it came to how beer, wine, and spirits were made and who made it, I wanted more, I loved it.  I cant wait to get up and work on anything that was related to this.  The feeling is like no other.  I get a lot of messages asking how I found my passion? To discover what youre passionate about, ask yourself what would you do for free, what is it that really lights you up, that isn't a short-term interest, but something you firmly believe in and care about? If you wake up wanting to spend every ounce of energy and time on it, then you are on the right track.  You know it's a passion when your deep love pushes you through the ups and downs and your motivation is the same as it was months and even years from when you first started.



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