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My First Episode on Youtube

My First Episode on Youtube

You spend time filming, editing, going back and forth thinking what do people want to see, and all that time you spend, your praying it pays off.  So what should I expect when the episode launches? The expectation is for it to go viral, wishful thinking?  Maybe, but unless im doing something extraordinary, the probability of that happening is slim.  

Im excited, the episode launched and then I ask myself, what are the expectations?  I spent the time, effort, money, and hard work to make this.  Can and Should I be disappointed for only a few subscribers?  Not going to lie, it is a tough pill to swallow when I saw the numbers.  Starting is the hardest thing to do.  Getting your message and brand out to the world takes time.  That is what I am learning very fast.  But everyday I am growing and that is the ultimate reward. Everyday I get one person that says thanks and they enjoyed what I am doing.  That is rewarding.  No time to dwell, Time to prep for Episode two.



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