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Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

When going through a big transition such as retiring from the military after 20 years, I needed to surround myself around positive people who dream as big as I am.  Patrick Betdavid was one of those individuals.  He listened and encouraged while others thought I was crazy to travel, learn about beer, wine, and spirits while making no money in doing so.

When I was developing concepts fro the VLOG, he reccomended books that solidified my ideas instead of telling me what to do.  Blue Oceans strategy was one of those books he reccomended that has helped me shape my ideas.  His mentorship allowed me to work through tough decisions in unfamiliar places such as being in front of the camera.  

Find your tribe and mentors is your north star.  Your tribe will help clarify your vision and guide you back on track when you stray off course.



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